When they see paper mail piling up on employees’ desks, when files are left waiting far too long – or perhaps even lost – more and more bosses begin to think about document management, according to a recent survey. One especially positive result: This is true no matter the size of the company. Even classic mid-sized companies have recognised the potential of digitalisation.

40 Percent of Companies Want a DMS

According to a recently published Bitkom survey, every fourth company has already matched words with actions and digitalised their incoming mail. The potential for suppliers of such solutions is still enormous. 40 percent of companies that have not yet introduced a document management solution plan to do so in the future.

There are, however, differences between industries – DMS solutions are much more common in telecommunication firms than in logistics companies, for instance. But the most interesting part about the study is its other finding: The companies driving the development are not only large firms, with their own IT departments, CIOs, or CTOs. The trend applies to companies of all sizes. From mid-sized companies with 20 employees to multi-national groups, the business world seems to have recognised the importance of digital incoming mail and digital workflows in invoicing, for instance.

ECM Industry Needs Solutions for All

What does this mean for the ECM industry? Essentially, the same thing it did one, two, or three years ago: Simple solutions are a necessity. Scalable solutions that can be rolled out quickly and efficiently, whether they are purchased by a two-room office or a ten-storey company headquarters. And: ECM suppliers must market these products so as to make their advantages as clear to the CIO of a group as they are to the owner of a small business. If they are able to do both, all signs point to further growth – there seems to be no lack of interest from customers.

Source : https://easy.de/2016/05/23/document-management-not-a-question-of-size/?lang=en

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