Faster, better, and less costly translation management.

Cut translation costs by up to 70 percent, reduce flow times by up to 50 percent, redefine quality. Across offers suitable products for enterprises, language service providers, and translators. Across offers different software editions whose functions are custom-tailored to the respective user needs. Thus, enterprises that operate around the globe, translation service providers, and translators can get the product scope that they need for their daily work.

Across delivers a comprehensive set of product components and functions for all stages from the composition of the source text to the quality assurance of the finished translation. Process and workflows along the entire supply chain can thus be defined and tracked easily.

Process Security, Cost Control, Automation

  • Software-based translation, workflow control, and project management
  • Central data storage for consistent translations
  • Translation memory for intelligent translation reuse
  • Closed supply chain for secure translation processes
  • Sophisticated solutions for enterprises operating on a global scale
  • Seamless connection of all project parties and third-party systems
  • Comprehensive service and training offer for our software

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