Matthew Storm

Have you looked at the desktop of the average customer service employee lately? Even with unified communications and the consolidation of systems such as CRM and ERP, most desktops look more like a NASA command center than a helpful application to deliver a great customer experience.


The modern BPO faces new challenges that the industry has not had to deal with to date.

Traditionally BPOs flourished by offering increased flexibility and reduced costs to businesses that wished to outsource their business processes. The trade-off for businesses was the risk of a compromise in security or privacy. BPOs could chase lower labour rates around the world to deliver outsourcing at a more and more efficient cost.


TMS: Time and cost savings - Identical sentences no longer need to be translated redundantly. The incurred translation costs can be planned more effectively in advance

Without TMS: Identical sentences need to be translated over and over again.



OZ Mobile Contract is a suitable solution for franchise contract, car rental contract, and various agency or dealership agreements. With tablet computer, customers fill in e-contract forms, make electronic signatures, and submit the contract forms. The contract information is sent to the company database immediately online and contract forms in pdf are stored in the company server. The contract forms in pdf are also sent to the customer via email.


Banking & Finance

Are you using spreadsheets to produce forecasts, budgets and analysis across multiple data sources?

Whilst spreadsheets are a fantastic tool for number crunching, they are not ideal for data warehousing and month on month reporting. However, spreadsheets are an important tool for data analysis and Essatto delivers dynamic data to Excel using custom pivot tables that link directly to database fields. Essatto also has the ability to manage data across multiple currencies where a conversion occurs to a base currency for consolidated reporting and then converted back to primary currency.


There are rules for everything – or at least experiential values, including for paper archives. We all know that most paper archives, whether they’re held by small companies or large, are kept in normal cellars. There, filing cabinets with countless folders wait around for a decade – at least in Germany – until the shredder finally sends them off for their last goodbye. However, other forms of storage are actually more ideal, even if they’re also cost intensive.


After designing a document comes prepress. It is the process of preparing digital files for the printing press — making them ready for printing (pre > before and press > printing on a printing press). Prepress or make-ready tasks will vary depending on file complexity and printing method but some may include:


A PDF/X document contains CMYK objects with embedded ICC device profiles and is to be converted from ISO Coated v2 to ISO Uncoatedyellowish. Normally, the embedded profiles would perform standard ICC conversion, either to the document color space or to the target color space. But with CMYK-to-CMYK color conversion, this will lead to various problems in the printing process. Using SmartLink instead guarantees optimum preservation of the color structure of the original data, and also of pure colors.


Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, the number one low-code platform for rapid application development.

Engineers with an obsessive attention to detail crafted every aspect of the OutSystems platform to help organizations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster.


It’s not easy to keep track of single-user licenses for every member of your staff, for every piece of software that they use. But many businesses start that way. Employees need to upgrade their software on their own, even if they lack technical knowledge. Data is stored on their local hard drive. Communication is often via a flurry of fast-paced e-mails with huge attachments and huge risks of loss, misinterpretation and versioning issues.