MEDICAPLUS© offers end-to-end scalable solutions to manage patient registration, appointment scheduling, clinical data capturing, in-patient management, billing, order processing, result reporting , Electronic medical records, reporting and security.


The Patient is the focal point of the system. The system identifies the patient by a unique patient number, against which the patient’s demographic data is stored and vital medical data is referenced.

A patient’s visit to the hospital is either as an inpatient or an outpatient.

Each visit is identified by a unique Visit Number and the healthcare establishment where it occurred. The services provided to the patient whether clinical care (like laboratory tests, X-ray investigations, etc) or supportive in nature (like type of bed) are all identified against the Visit Number or even at a lower level like Encounter Number.




MedicaPlus was designed from the start with the widest possible accessibility in mind. As non-PC devices matured, so did MedicaPlus to take advantage of the convenience and connectivity they come to offer.

The result was InsightsPalm, a system that offers all the clinical functions MedicaPlus in the palmtops of physicians and nursing staff.

Not only was that achieved, but it was also integrated with the introduction of wireless networking. This offered physicians and nursing staff the freedom to move freely at bed sides and wards to offer care services to patients while being connected at the same time to the hospital enterprise wide database. That revolutionary development resulted in significant time saving as well as better access to patient’s records and data simultaneously while offering their main job, patient care.


  • ICD9-CM, ICD10-AM (International Code of Diseases, Clinically Modified) with options of localization to national or hospital standards.
  • ICD PCS 9/10 (International Code of Surgical Procedures) with options of localization to national or hospital standards.
  • DICOM 3.0 (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) protocol for direct interfacing with medical imaging modalities.
  • HL7 (Health Level 7) protocol for the exchange of medical information among different medical systems