OZ e-Form is an electronic form solution developed specially for the web and mobile environment. It supports various web browsers and OS platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows RT.

With the OZ e-Form, you are able to increase the effectiveness and improve the efficiency of your business processes both internally and externally.

Using the OZ e-Form, you can easily create complex forms and enhance what paper forms can never achieve such as having drop down menu for input standardization, embedding input data validation to reduce human errors, implementing encryption for data security, improve documentation with photos and voice recording.

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Application Areas




  • Improve business process & Increase productivity.
  • Build Green IT environments & Save cost.
  • Reinforce document security.
  • Increase customer service satisfaction.



An electronic forms software for paperless workflow

  • User can create various application or contract forms with ease, view forms, fill out forms, and create electronic signature.

High performance

  • Minimize server workload and network traffic with XML based forms and data structure.

High productivity form designer

  • Allow dynamic form which can be changed dynamically in runtime by data driven event.

Powerful native viewer

  • Native mobile viewer App for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile.
  • Utilize functions of mobile device such as camera, voice recorder, barcode, NFC tag recognition

Graphic signature and stamp scanning

  • User can create graphic signature with signature pad or zoom in mode.
  • User can scan ID card or stamp.

Desktop with multi-monitor

  • Text based multiple touch screen monitor.
  • Data input, screen synchronization, concurrent input control.