EASY ECM Suite is an integrated platform for enterprise content management (ECM). Its ability to integrate into various system environments enables continuous business processes, specialized modules support the user in performing his duties. Automatic reminders and sophisticated escalation management ensure that all deadlines are met.

Not only that, EASY ECM Suite scores in the field of security. It archives business content completely revision-proof and makes it highly available. It increases process security by assisting in meeting deadlines. Also, archived content related activities are traceable at any time. The company is always able to provide information and benefits from more transparency. All this taken together makes EASY ECM a real competitive advantage.

Finally, you can save money with the EASY ECM Suite, for example in the field of office and storage costs, personnel costs, cash discounts or total cost of ownership (TCO). For all this, EASY ECM Suite is consistently oriented to the idea of component-based solution architecture. This results in greater flexibility and optimum support of different application scenarios in which high performance through load balancing or maximum reliability play a major role.

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  • EASY is a leading ECM provider, on the market for 25 years
  • High product quality
  • Maximum customer and service orientation
  • Extensive experience in consulting, implementation, migration
  • KPMG-certified


  • Modern, ergonomic user interface for simple, intuitive operation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Convenient administration

Product strategies

  • A universal solution for all business processes: Great potential for increased efficiency
  • Cost savings: Office supplies, personnel costs, discount periods, total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • High efficiency
  • Flexible authorization system
  • Future-proof through clear strategy and state-of-the-art technology


  • Comprehensive traceability of changes to content
  • Process transparency: Increased competitiveness through enhanced ability to provide information


  • Revision security, compliance with legal requirements
  • Process and data security
  • Load balancing and failure safety Integration
  • Tailored integration into systems and requirements
  • Numerous available integration solutions
  • High integration capability due to highly developed, open interfaces



ECM Archive

  • EASY Archive enables centralized and auditable storage of all information in a company and a quick search for their contents. EASY Archive captures any type of bulk data, structuring the document flow via integrated workflow functions, and ensures revision-proof long-term archiving. Intuitive, ergonomic interfaces enables business users to process information quickly and also to search according to years in a matter of seconds.
  • By means of additional solutions, information from existing data systems, such as an e-mail client or ERP system, can be recalled and displayed when required. Through seamless integration into existing information systems and their user interfaces, business users stay in their familiar working environment and do not have to change to a different user interface in order to search for information.


  • EASY Capture Plus is the standard solution for detecting and extracting records and documents from all sources in a single solution with best connection to EASY ECM solutions. In addition to capturing paper documents, recording and processing of electronic documents with EASY Capture Plus is easy. Powerful detection and extraction of documents from different channels is a key technology of modern document management systems. With EASY Capture Plus, you have a tool available for integrating automatic detection into operations without problems. EASY Capture Plus offers extensive functions for efficient document capture from image sources (scanning), mail systems, print streams, and Office solutions. At the same time, EASY Capture Plus impresses with its high transaction security and transfers documents reliably to archive or workflow.
  • For the customer, EASY Capture Plus’ intuitive operation means a short learning curve and little faulty system operation. In offline mode, content can be captured even without connection to the server. Furthermore, EASY Capture Plus is server-based, scalable, multi-client capable, multi-lingual and allows cluster operation.


  • The (web-based) EASY Client is the standard interface of the EASY ECM Suite and allows the user quick and intuitive access to information and documents as well as processing tasks in current business processes. The appearance and structure of the user interface can be adapted in many ways to individual requirements methods, processes shown, and not least the customer’s preferences and corporate identity (CI). The focus is consistently on ease of use and clarity of the information presented.
  • EASY Client is developed with state-of-the-art web technologies and is technically based on HTML 5. Development in progressive Responsive Design enables seamless use on all mobile, web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets.


  • EASY DMS offers you state-of-the-art document control and flexible content management. Key aspects are simplicity, security and efficiency. Location-independent, web-based access and intuitive operation promote the user’s rapid and purposeful work. Support of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) allows access to file or management releases almost regardless of location and time of day. The detailed authorisation system ensures that only authorised employees can view or edit documents at all times.


  • EASY View is an efficient tool for the most powerful and faithful representation of documents in different formats. Conversion of formats takes place on the server rather than the client. The advantage is that it is not necessary to install additional software on the client. Besides improved work efficiency, it leads to significant savings potential (e.g. in the field of royalties), also care and maintenance are reduced to a minimum.
  • Another key feature is the high performance of converting documents into defined file types, such as JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF. This conversion is now possible for more than 300 different file formats. Additionally, documents with EASY View can be printed and scaled easily. The quick and easy presentation of content increases efficiency and, ultimately, EASY View’s user-friendliness. Another added value is high image fidelity, which leads to more confidence in dealing with EASY View and allows easy navigation.

EASY Workflow

  • EASY Workflow is your instrument for easy-to-implement workflow management. This tool is the ideal solution for creating a variety of document-based processes in the company easier, safer and more efficiently. Lead times are reduced; the costly and time-consuming processing and forwarding of paper files can finally be a thing of the past.
  • With EASY Workflow, numerous business processes, such as rule-based processing of incoming invoices, or processing of incoming mail can be efficiently controlled, so that all information is assigned to the correct contacts and business processes without delay. Thus, EASY Workflow provides, e.g. representative regulations, so that business-critical operations are always handled in the scheduled time. Immobilised documents are a phenomenon of the past thanks to follow-up and reminder functions.
  • Location independent, web-based access and intuitive operation enables fast and targeted operations processing by the user. The support of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) allows the work in EASY Workflow to occur virtually independent of place and time of day. The detailed authorisation system ensures at all times that only authorised employees can view or edit business processes. Thanks to reporting and live analysis, you keep an overview of your information, processes and business at all times.

EASY for SAP Line

  • In the EASY for SAP Line, a large number of SAP-certified solution modules for document-based business processes combine with SAP AG’s ERP systems. Thus, EASY for SAP provides functions for revision-proof archiving of documents as well as for searching information and simply allocating documents to SAP objects.
  • In other solution components, the possibilities offered by SAP are extended and standard functions supplemented in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, flexibly structured file solutions relieve SAP users when working with documents in the SAP system. With EASY for SAP Invoice, companies have a powerful and versatile solution, which displays highly integrated in SAP their processes surrounding invoice receipt and audit as well as release and booking.


  • EASY Contract is the modern, web-based system for centralised management and processing of contracts. All documents, information and other systems are easy to find for all parties involved, whereby a single, current level of information is guaranteed. Contract management with EASY Contract supports the entire “life cycle” of a contract: Contract acquisition, contract preparation, contract monitoring, contract controlling. With EASY Contract you have complex approval workflows under control with versioning and document management, whether it comes to service, maintenance, rental, cooperation, purchase or support contracts. EASY Contract provides an overview of all contracts concluded and electronic support for creating new contracts.

EASY for Microsoft Line

  • The EASY for Microsoft Line gathers several solution modules that help the user work with Microsoft products, connect Microsoft products with revision-proof EASY Archive and enable cross-system business processes.EASY for Dynamics NAV and EASY for Dynamics AX allow revision compliant and easy-to-use archiving of incoming and outgoing documents in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.EASY for SharePoint connects EASY Archive with Microsoft SharePoint environments and allows revision-compliant archiving of documents and metadata from SharePoint as well as displaying integrated business processes across system boundaries. EASY for Exchange extends Microsoft Exchange to secure and complete e-mail archiving and provides significant relief of the sensitive Microsoft infrastructure. EASY for Office 365 opens the outstanding ECM capabilities of the products EASY for Exchange and EASY for SharePoint as well as for Microsoft Office 365.


  • EASY Line for Notes enhances IBM® Notes®/Domino® with the possibility of archiving documents and data revision compliant, and the company thus enables the imaging of continuous business processes and seamless integration of solutions in the company’s infrastructure. EASY for Notes is the ideal solution for linking EASY DMS. Information from the IBM® Domino®/Notes® environment is provided across applications throughout the enterprise. Powerful search clients ensure greater transparency and speed.

EASY Records for HR

  • EASY Records for HR is the efficient solution for the digital personnel file, digital application management, seminar and training management and elementary HR processes in modern enterprises. Moreover, the solution can be easily and flexibly expanded to include additional functions and processes relating to personnel management. Thus, it fits harmoniously into an existing IT system, works with major ERP solutions and grows with the company. EASY HR impresses with its user-friendly and intuitive menu navigation, logged and location independent access to files and significant time savings in storage and search.

EASY Interface

  • EASY Interface provides a consolidated interface for various applications. Thus, EASY modules communicate efficiently and transparently with each other and/or with third-party applications. EASY Interface is a sleek and powerful interface for the respective server. Access is transparent and operation is easy to learn. With EASY Interface, the end user or the consultant benefits from little training, high investment and future-proofing and obtains “the” tool for his own integrations.
  • Installing EASY Interface can be performed independently from the installed archive or ECM system. High reliability and flexible load distribution as well as independence of platform and operating system round off the interface.

EASY Invoice

  • EASY Invoice is the efficient solution for digital invoice processing. Incoming invoices are recorded in a secure and transparent process and invoice information extracted reliably. The bill then goes through a review and approval workflow, booking details are passed to the downstream ERP system and the invoice is archived revision secure. As a responsible manager, you always have an overview of all operations. EASY Invoice is harmoniously integrated into an existing IT landscape and grows with the company.