Contentverse is user-friendly document management software and is here and ready to take your organization to the next level. Enjoy a full complement of document management benefits with an ease of use that will blow you away!

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 400+ file formats

  • You can view stored files by using Contentverse viewer.

Java-Based Flexible Environment

  • Contentverse can be deployed in Windows, Linux, (SuSe / RedHat), and other environments.

Minimum File Size for Maximum Storage

  • Contentverse offers options for file storage significantly smaller using the most current and proven compression technologies.

Ease of Use

  • Another feature of Contentverse is its general ease of use. Training costs and Support calls are low because Contentverse has a very straight-forward design. Once the system is learned, it is very simple. This is very conducive for SMB.

File cabinet structure

  • is easily recognizable and emulates your current physical filing system.

High adoption rate/b>

  • Refined interface, with familiar Microsoft ribbon tiered toward the end-user.

Stores any file format

  • any electronic file can be archived.


  • Anyone who can use Windows can use Contentverse, as it was designed to work the same way as the popular operating system.
  • Familiar Microsoft ribbon.
  • Drag-and-drop capable.
  • Right-Click for options, import, etc.



Version Revision

  • When a change is made to the document, a new version/ revision is saved. Previous versions are stored automatically, so the user can track every version of a document. This feature can be turned on or off based on any document type, and comments can be added about any revision made.


  • The built-in workflow engine automatically delivers documents to designated parties. This can be conducted in a serial or parallel manner, and as any feature of Contentverse, is incredibly easy to use.


  • Contentverse is the most secure document management system available. Security happens on many levels, including the following:
    • Encryption at page and optional document level
    • Flexible redaction (see “Redactions” section below)
    • Saved files are available in their native format, but saved in an encrypted. This level of encryption means no one can open these files without the proper authentication through Contentverse.
    • Access is determined by the administrator for every level of Contentverse.
    • Additional document rights and permissions can then be designated to control what a user can and cannot do with the documents.
    • Audit Trail keeps track of every action in Contentverse.

Full Text Search

  • of Any Supported Document Format Once imported documents are stored in Contentverse they can be processed by the “Full Text Search Processor” so that the text contents of any page are readily searchable. Finding a document is simple because the filename/metadata is no longer the only searchable fields. This is very popular with end users who can find text highlighted at the page level. In text documents, the instances are highlighted in the native file content. This is also available for the content of all comments appended during collaboration. Advanced Boolean searching allows for even more specific searches.

Annotations & Comments

  • A feature that is common in more expensive programs is variety of annotation options that are stock in Contentverse. This allows the user to image retouch, stamp (void, paid, etc. plus user definable), Sticky Note, Highlight, Hyperlink and Redact (see next). In addition, at the document level you can add an unlimited number of comments, up to 8000 characters in length, providing an ability to retain collaborate between users for the lifetime of the document, which is also available for full text search.


  • This annotation allows password-protected redactions on sensitive document information. By using this feature within Contentverse, the information can be guarded, but not permanently removed.

Web Server

  • Contentverse allows users to connect to the Document Management Server via browsers on any device, from laptops to tablets and phones. This is yet another feature that comes standard with Contentverse.

Records Retention

  • Allows user to designate a specific action on a document after a specific period of time based and triggered on a set of conditional values found in a document. This saves time manually sorting and weeding old content. Options include: Make read-only, Move document to another folder, Generate report, Delete, Delete and Purge, Take no action.

Audit Trail

  • The system audits all actions made by any user on the system. A comprehensive report generator then enables the administrator to compile, print, and save audit reports on any aspect of system use.

Direct Integration with MS Office

  • Provides direct save option to Contentverse or deposit in the input tray for later indexing, in its native format. In the case of Outlook the integration saves the email and any attachments, those attachments in the file format they were attached in.

Notification Services

  • Contentverse Notifications is a service that will monitor a Contentverse system for particular actions and notify specified users when these actions occur. Notification will be sent via email.

Database Lookup Feature

  • Allows for easy retrieval of data from existing data sources and automatic population of Contenverse index fields in accordance with preset criteria.