Document archival and management is one of the oldest of the content management disciplines - and was essentially born out of the need to manage ever growing amounts of information being created within organizations.

Datamation provides the document archival and management solution to assist organizations seeking to manage the creation, storage, retrieval and expiry of information stored as documents. Unlike a file structure on your PC, a document archival and management system revolves around a centralized repository that is used to manage the storage of any type of information that could be of value to an organization - and protect the same against loss.




Contentverse, the content and document management solution for SMEs, is the user-friendly solution that is simple to install, support and maintain. Plus, it’s designed to operate in multiple network environments and to integrate with your existing IT investments.



An integrative platform for enterprise content management (ECM) which reproduces the complete life cycle of documents in organizations. All document-based processes are optimized: from creating or capturing information, editing and enriching, forwarding and distributing information through to secure storage in the electronic archive.