Forms and survey processing bridges the gap between incoming forms and surveys and the target information warehouse. Manual forms processing consumes significant time and resources. Automated forms processing allows you to use your people for more rewarding work, and deliver better results in the end.

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Eliminate the monotonous key pushing and data errors via Automation.

Forms may take many different shapes and sizes, from hand-completed paper forms to PDFs electronic documents. The deluge of files both digital and hard-copy coupled with the extremely tedious work of scanning and extracting structured information out of them will overwhelm any fully manual labour. Document scanning and data capture solutions make for much more efficient, and accurate, data collection. The forms processing software can automatically extract information from just about every kind of form imaginable and transfer it to a statistics system, ERP system, archive, or other target destination where the information belongs.

  • Processes all types of forms in any format, including paper, fax, internet, email, XML, other digital files, and digital pen media
  • Employs optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology to read and process machine-printed and handwritten text, barcodes, check boxes, circles, tables, and matrices
  • Database look-up of field data values
  • Flexible Forms functionality enables processing of different variations of the same form
  • Configuration Tool conveniently separates installation from system setup
  • Output is delivered in a simple text file, easy to integrate with any system

Save Cost because of Manpower Reduction

  • Automation confers the benefit of capturing a huge amount of documents with increased speed and less human intervention.

Easy Manipulation & Processing of Data

  • Digitized data or information is easy transferrable/ copy-able (backups) and stored. The format of Readsoft captured data is flexible and available as text/xml files and database tables. This enables any destination system such as an ERP, Document Management System etc. to effortlessly ingest the captured documents.




  • The intuitive user interface of the MANAGER module allows the configuration and setting-up of templates for each document to be scanned/captured. The templates define the fields of data to be extracted from a document while leveraging on automatic capture engines such as OCR for printed text, ICR for hand-printed text, values in barcode format, check fields even images (e.g. signatures) to be lifted from the document.


  • The SCAN module interfaces with a high-speed scanner (e.g. Fujitsu enterprise scanner models) to scan the paper documents in batches. Image enhancement capabilities will be used to ensure the quality of the imaging and improve the accuracy of the OCR/ICR/barcode reading engines. A document thumbnail preview allows the scanning staff to inspect each scanned result for quality and re-scan the document as required.


  • The INTERPRET module is where scanned or imported images/PDF of the documents are processed with the OCR/ICR/barcode reading engines in order to extract usable data. The Flexible Forms feature will auto-adapt to slight skewing/alignment or image orientation imperfections and still capture the data values. This is a background service the does not require any human intervention.


  • The VERIFY module is a stage whereby a user will eye-ball examine each scanned document and compare with the extracted values for accuracy. The mass verification feature is a technique of fast verification by quality checking each letter in the alphabet and the numerals for all documents in a set.


  • The TRANSFER module is a background service that automatically exports the scanned document images and the extracted data as CSV, flat-text files, XML, database tables etc. ready to be imported into any third party system for storage/archival and processing.