As a true solutions provider, Scantron not only offers software, but scanners and forms to meet all of your data collection needs. From our traditional Test Scoring Machine and Optical Mark Read (OMR) scanners to the Imaging & OMR scanner, Scantron has the top quality hardware that you would expect.



  • Fast scanning that can be controlled and processed by a single PC workstation.
  • Unmatched accuracy when reading data
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to implement and support
  • Easy to use



  • Can maintain a throughput of 1,500 to 10,000 forms per hour
  • Eliminates transcription errors
  • Data can be recorded on an OMR form even when a PC or network goes down.
  • Self-learning capture technology continually increases recognition capabilities.
  • Source form is available to validate results.
  • Scantron's digital read head technology prevents undetected degradation of read head accuracy.
  • Two light sources for each read-cell minimize the effect of folds and wrinkles in documents.
  • Scanner self-diagnostics quickly pinpoint problems.