Despite long-standing ambitions to create a paperless or paper-less environment, the average business continues to generate and process enormous volumes of paper on a daily basis. Retrieving information from documents can be difficult, expensive and slow, and new regulatory compliance reporting and retention rules add to the difficulties of handling these documents.

Datamation provides solution to capture and convert these paper documents to digital files. This creates an image of the document in a format that can be viewed online. During the capturing process, we could also extract information from the paper documents using advanced OCR/ICR technologies to circumvent the need for manual and laborious data entry.


Readsoft capture solutions

A lot of information and data in the world still exists in the medium of paper or sheet documents. The digitization of this data offers a lot of benefits in terms of storage, durability and processing. Readsoft capture solutions are automated digitization of information from paper documents thereby allowing the processing of voluminous amount of data. Think of the advantages of automation in terms of cost, time, accuracy and availability!

ReadSoft - Forms


Forms scanning solutions accelerate business processes by collecting paper documents, forms and e-documents, transforming them into accurate, retrievable information. The forms scanning solutions then deliver the information into your databases and business applications.

ReadSoft - Invoices


The world's number one choice for automated data capture from invoices. The software automatically extracts information from any incoming invoice, validates it, and transfers it to an ERP system.

Optical Mark Read (OMR) Technology


From the traditional Test Scoring Machine and Optical Mark Read (OMR) scanners to the Imaging & OMR scanner, Scantron has the top quality hardware that you would expect.