Businesses today need agility and operational performance, as there is increasing pressure on every organisation to do more with less. Business Process Management (BPM) makes it possible for organizations to address the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment head-on, by offering significant opportunity for visibility, automation, efficiency gains, and return-on-investment across a wide range of business needs and functions. BPM enables organizations to embark upon a continuous cycle of business process optimization

Datamation provides the business process management solution that will help your organization in the following areas:

  • Process Execution – defining and carrying out business processes automation in-line with the new processes;
  • Process Measurement - measuring and monitoring process performance leading to process improvement; and
  • Process Improvement - identifying process & policy bottlenecks, issues, root-causes, and defining new & improved processes & policies.


OpenText MBPM


Enables true roundtrip process management in a fully-integrated, robust offering that incorporates best-of-breed modeling, workflow, rules management, integration, process intelligence, and process analysis capabilities. In addition, OpenText's unique agility features enable you to not only achieve roundtrip process improvement, but to achieve it in a near real-time environment.

OpenText Process Suite


Process Suite is a complete process automation and case management system that enables organisations to become more agile, more productive and more competitive.