Within your operational excellence initiative, Datamation provides the right solutions to transforming and managing your information across the entire organization. We transform papers into digital files, unstructured content into structured digital files. With our many years in data transformation, we have the relevant expertise to help you make the right information accessible at the right time.




Solutions to capture and convert paper documents to digital files that can be viewed online.

Enterprise Content Management Suite


Enterprise Content Management comprises of 3 functionalities: Documents Capture, Documents Processes and Documents Archive.

Business Process Management


Solutions help organizations to increase productivity by streamlining the business process by process automation.

Enterprise Performance Management


Enterprise Performance Management is a complete Business Intelligence, Performance Management & Data Warehousing solution.

Enterprise Electronic Forms Solution


Enterprise Electronic Form is a truly paperless mobile data capture solution.

Rapid Application Development Platform


The fastest and easiest application building platform to create and continuously improve mobile and web apps at scale