Advertisement Delivery Made Easy: Everything you need to send and receive Advertisements

With EadsWorld, your files are standardized and ready for print, eliminating any last minute issues at the press.

EADS is a web-based advertisement system that evaluates and validates your print advertisement's artwork elements against the publisher's printing specifications. EadsWorld also standardizes your files according to the publisher's requirements thus ensuring a smooth printing process. Upon your approval, files are seamlessly delivered to the publisher.


  •   Web Based - Easy upload of files from anywhere and at any time
  •   Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Checks - Only ready to print files are delivered
  •   Audit Trail and Status Updates - Track your jobs anywhere
  •   ISO Color Management - The colors in jobs are checked and corrected according to ISO standards
  •   Soft Proofing - View and download a soft proof of your job
  •   ISO Calibrated Digital Proofs - Obtain ISO calibrated hardcopy proofs from us
  •   Cost Effective
  •   User Friendly
  •   Reliable
  •   Secure
  •   Eliminate the pressure of deadlines
  •   Knowledgeable Technical Support Team